Can you say Þorrablót?

Ok Þorrablót is maybe not the easiest word to pronounce.

We could also just call it by a more accurate name, the ugly food festival.

Say what? You might ask. Yes we are speaking of ugly food. Late January/early February only means one thing in Iceland. It´s the season of festivities called Þorrablót. The name comes from the word Þorri, which is the name of the fourth winter month in the Icelandic calendar and also an old meaning for winter in Norse mythology. For many locals it is a much anticipated event. It´s an event focused on food (some would say ugly food).

Not just any other food though.

The menu includes dishes such as sour boiled sheep´s head jam, ram testicles, fermented shark, dried fish and smoked lamb. Some might be put off by simply reading the menu but trust us, some of these dishes are actually delicious. The food served at Þorrablót is not what you would call traditional in modern day Iceland but it stands for old traditions and methods of preserving food. Most of the towns and communities in Iceland have their own Þorrablót where locals take turns in organizing the event. During dinner those in charge of the event put on a show and tell funny tales, most often focusing on the past events in the community. After dinner it is time to put one foot in front of the other and dance the night away.

Anyone up for an Icelandic style Þorrablót?

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