Midnight Sun on the Greenland Sea


Summer Solstice

As 20th of June marked the Summer Solstice, we stayed awake all night to enjoy the show, here in North Iceland!

In Reykjavík, the longest day of the year was celebrated by music lovers at Secret Solstice Festival with bands on stage such as Radiohead or our local Of Monsters and Men.

In the Capital, sun rose at 2:54AM to set again at 12:04AM, but the phenomenon varies significantly between South and North Iceland.

In Skagafjörður, North West Iceland, the sunset (if we may call it that) was at 1:00AM while next sunrise happened only 30 minutes later, at 1:29AM. During this time, the sun was just rolling over the sea, creating stunning games of lights and colours.

© C. Beuvard

Sailing under the Midnight Sun

We thought one unique way to observe the midnight sun would be to spend the night sailing on Greenland Sea!

While the sun was still intense, the boat took us to impressive lava formations and remnants of ancient volcanoes, right in the middle of the Ocean. Puffins made the surrounding islands their home for the Summer, which was a great entertainment for the bird enthusiasts we are… All at Midnight!

This was a very special night that we look forward to repeat. Although the Summer Solstice is over, there are still long days to be spent outside before they start getting shorter again!

Sailing on the Greenland Sea is a great experience all year round, when you can also use the fishing rods that are on the boat and catch your meals straight from the sea. We tell you, there is nothing better than the smell of a freshly caught cod on the barbecue!

Sailing tours include an entry to Hofsós swimming pool to make your stay in the North complete.

Check out our Sailing Tours!

Midnight sun in Skagafjordur  13435480_1309049145790539_2976233225340228111_n

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