Northern Lights in North Iceland

Its northern location and scenic landscapes make Skagafjörður the ideal spot for northern lights hunters. After a short drive out of the city, you will find yourself under a starry sky, with bright snowy mountains visible in the dark. There you can watch the night sky crackling with the energy of northern lights.


Northern Lights in Skagafjördur

Northern lights occur when the charged particles released from the sun atmosphere collide with gaseous particles in Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in unique patterns and shades of green in the sky.

Period of the Year

Northern lights occur at high latitudes, meaning they cannot be observed from mid-April until mid-August when there is no darkness in Iceland. Although they are visible as soon as night is back, one enjoys maximum chances from September to March. Also, we observe a peak in September and March due to equinoxes.


First thing to look at is the aurora forecast, based on the Kp index. The scale goes up to 9, but a forecast of 3 is already promising. The other crucial element is the cloud cover: a high index will not do the job if clouds are not cooperating. The final tip is to go out of town and minimize light pollution. Northern lights may be hardly visible in a city, and stunning just 5km away: a small hike to a nearby mountain will ensure you the best spot!

Northern Lights in Skagafjörður

Here is a glimpse of how Northern Lights can look in Skagafjörður! Come see with your own eyes on one of our Northern Lights Tours!

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