Portraits of Skagafjörður #9 – Laufey

Laufey’s spare time is devoted to making the most of Skagafjördur great outdoors with her family and friends… In every season!

Laufey, our outdoors lover, enjoying a few slopes!

In which area of Skagafjördur do you live?

I live in the little tranquil town of Sauðárkrókur.

What are you doing for a living ?

I work as a Marketing- and sales manager for FISK Seafood, a large seafood company located here in Sauðárkrókur.

How do you spend your free time in Wintertime and Summertime, and which season do you prefer?

Having three young daughters the free time is mostly focused on being with them, no matter the season. In Wintertime we try to go skiing in Tindastóll as often as we can. They have a great area for kids and beginners to try out the sport.

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We try to go swimming in the local swimming pools once a week. Sitting in the outdoor hot tubs when it is frost and snowing is something all of us enjoy. We play in the snow, make snowmen and watch the Northern lights. When the weather is too bad for outdoor play we try to meet friends and catch up over a good cup of coffee while the kids play.

In summertime we visit our summerhouse that is located here in the fjord, close to Hofsós. We go for walks, we go down to the beach looking for treasures and we go swimming in the local pools (The Hofsós swimming pool is a big favorite). We also go camping with friends, we play a lot in our backyard, invite friends over for a BBQ or coffee. When the weather is not ideal for outdoor activity we try to go on drives and explore our beautiful fjord, sometimes you manage to find nicer weather somewhere close by!

Even though I really like the winter, because of the skiing, the darkness and the northern lights, I prefer summer. The power is almost tangible in the air during summer, the endless days and sunshine, the events that are happening every weekend, the camping. We love it!

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What makes Skagafjördur so unique for you ?

The close connection to the beautiful nature and the very friendly people who live here.

What is your most memorable moment here?

My most memorable moment from Skagafjordur is when me and my husband got married in the summerhouse in august 2005. It really was a beautiful day filled with love, family, friends and sunshine in the middle of the beautiful nature here in Skagafjordur.

Skagafjördur in 3 words ?


„Portraits of Skagafjörður“ aim at presenting you the best of our region,
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