Portraits of Skagafjörður #3 – Evelyn

Evelyn is what we call a passionate. She moved 23 years ago from Germany and now runs a horse farm where she transmits her love for the Icelandic horse to visitors.

Evelyn, ready for the next ride!

In which area of Skagafjördur do you live?

I live in the most inner part of the fjord, about 20 km from the national road #1 and close to the prominent mountain Mælifellshnjúkur that rises just in front of my farm.

What are you doing for a living ?

I live with my family on a farm where we breed horses and sheep. We have been running a tourism business on the farm for almost 17 years now. We offer accommodation in cozy cottages, short and long riding tours and we have a little turf house museum on the farm. Beside all the work that follows my farm life and the tourism business I work as a freelance tourist guide and teach in the tourism department at Hólar University. Courses I teach are “Professional guiding” and “Hospitality”. I love connecting my working experiences with the academic work and try to focus on sustainable tourism in both cases.

How do you spend your free time in Wintertime and Summertime, and which season do you prefer?

Well, with all the work I am doing there is only little free time left but I cannot really tell which season I prefer, as I love every season with its advantages and disadvantages.

In summertime, we have a 24/7 working schedule for about 10 weeks. Before I start my working day or when everyone else is going to sleep, I go out for a ride with my two horses. I need some minutes for myself and there is no better way then to spend these minutes in the saddle and ride along the riverbanks or up the mountains to enjoy the midnight sun. Sometimes I just enjoy some quiet minutes sitting in front of my turf stable with a glass of red wine, looking over my beloved valley…

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In wintertime, I try to spent as much free time with my family as this is very rarely during summer. I love winter and the special winter lights that occur in the sky and the surroundings. I am often outside with my camera, taking pictures of the horses in snow, the dancing northern lights or anything that appears in front of my camera. And there are a lot of lovely spots in Skagafjörður, believe me!
Riding in the snow is gorgeous of course. Taking a bath in a swimming pool when your breath if freezing is absolutely outstanding. There is unquestionably no time for getting bored!

What makes Skagafjördur so unique for you ?

The nature and environment, history and heritage, the horses and other animals, good working and development possibilities and fantastic people around me make Skagafjörður unique for me and are the reason why I settled here more then 20 years ago….

What is your most memorable moment here?

Well, there are uncountable memorable moments here but I will never forget the moment I entered Skagafjörður for the first time. I was crossing Iceland on horseback as a tourist and when we rode into Skagafjörður it greeted us with a beautiful rainbow over the Blönduhlíð Mountains. Then I lost my heart.

Skagafjördur in 3 words ?


„Portraits of Skagafjörður“ aim at presenting you the best of our region,
by the ones in the best position to talk about it: locals! Every month, we
interview someone from Skagafjörður about his/her passion for the region.

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