Portraits of Skagafjörður #6 – Hildur

Driven by her surroundings and what Nature has to offer, Hildur recently launched a new range of natural food supplements under the name of Pure Natura.

Hildur, Founder of Pure Natura

In which area of Skagafjördur do you live?

I live in Hegranes, in between the rivers of Skagafjördur, around 16 km drive from Saudarkrokur town.

What are you doing for a living ?

 I run two businesses, which I founded and manage. The first one „Camping in Skagafjordur“, which currently operates five campsites in the area, in Hofsos, Holar, Saudarkrokur, Varmahlid and Hegranes.

The other company I run is „Pure Natura“ and specializes in making the purest whole food supplements available to enhance the health of its user. The ingredients used for the production comes from Icelandic lamb organs and glands. The herbs used are carefully selected, and handpicked. The goal is to sustainably utilize resources in Iceland, i.e. meat by-products and herbs; for significant value creation, decrease food waste, increase sustainability in lamb meat production, create jobs and save money that otherwise would be spent on disposal of these by-products.

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How do you spend your free time in Wintertime and Summertime, and which season do you prefer?

In winter, me and  my family love to go snowmobiling. We love to go up to the mountains in Skagafjordur and just look over the fjord.  We also love to go swimming in the nice geothermal pools we have all around in Skagafjordur and stop for ice cream on our way back home.  In summer we of course work a lot, taking care of the campsites and picking herbs for Pure Natura. The summers here in Skagafjordur are so wonderful, we have the least rain in Iceland here, so all days I think are just magnificent. In summer and spring, me and my family love to go horseback riding and we do that when we have time. But one of the things we can always find time to do and we do a lot of, is go for a picknic. We take food and drinks and even a blanket and just take a nice walk with the kids somewhere. There we stop to eat, relaxe and just enjoy the view, but beautiful places are to be found anywhere in Skagafjordur.

What makes Skagafjördur so unique for you ?

The tranquility  and the beautiful nature is what I love the most here in Skagafjordur. Apart from that I love the people. Here it is almost like you  have an extended family, everyone helps one another if in need.

What is your most memorable moment here?

The time I made a full dinner from only ingredients from my farm and invited friends over. To start I gave them homemade beer and homemade chips from Kale. After that a barbequed fish that my husband and kids had caught  in the morning with some potatoes, carrots and salats from the garden. In the end we had strawberries and blueberries for desert.  This I wouldn´t change for the world.

Skagafjördur in 3 words ?


„Portraits of Skagafjörður“ aim at presenting you the best of our region,
by the ones in the best position to talk about it: locals! Every month, we
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