Portraits of Skagafjörður #7 – Sigrún

As a long-time History and Culture lover, and working as an archivist in Sauðárkrókur, Sigrún makes the past and present meet.

Sigrún, wearing a traditional Icelandic hat

In which area of Skagafjördur do you live?

I live in Sauðárkrókur, Bærinn undir Nöfunum, that literally translates to „the town under the edge“.

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What are you doing for a living ?

I work as an archivist at the regional archives.

How do you spend your free time in Wintertime and Summertime, and which season do you prefer?

In my spare time I love to write and I have been keeping a diary since I was a teenager. I also read a lot and make puzzles. I am lucky to have easy access to the countryside so on good days, it is always fun to go to Brekkukot, on the East side of Skagafjördur.

I would say every season has its own charm.

  • Spring comes with a wonderful feeling, with the lambing season in full swing all over the country, and the arrival of migratory birds.
  • In Summer, I can then sit in the garden and observe birdlife on the ponds Tjarnartjörn and Áshildarholtsvatn, known as one of the largest bird areas of the country.
  • Autumn is definitely entertaining with all the gatherings (Réttir, Laufskalarétt, etc.) happening in the fjord, creating so much life everywhere. It is also nice to see how the lambs have grown since Spring.
  • Then in Winter comes the time of holidays celebrated in the darkest nights. Winter is the ideal time to gather and spend time with the family, this is the best way to see the light in the darkness.
    In my opinion, January, February and March are the least fun months, although the Sun slowly starts coming back, making us eager for Spring already.
What makes Skagafjördur so unique for you ?

The history.

I grew up listening to stories about the progress made in the fjord. In the old days, Hofsós was more significant than Sauðárkrókur. Things have changed now, but it was not until 1871 that Sauðárkrókur was developed, and in 1907, my first ancestors moved there.
I have certain roots here although I was not born in Sauðárkrókur. My grandparents have always been very keen on telling me various stories from when they were small, mostly stories of interesting characters and fun times back when the town was under development.

I have been living in Hofsós, and it is always very special to go back and walk around Grafarós, where can still be seen the shape of our old house.

Through my work as an archivist, I get to immerse myself in the stories and photographs from this period, and there are always more images adding to the collection, some being very vivid although from the past century.

Also, I have been lucky to study archaeology, and explore the area from another angle, going back into the history. There is always something new to read about the old times, I tell you!

What is your most memorable moment here?

There is so much coming to my mind.

Sometimes memorable moments happen when you spot something beautiful in Nature: a walk with the family, a bird in a tree, eggs hatching, seals, the first trout caught of the summer, the arrival of Barnacle Geese (helsingjarnir), the birth of a lamb, or the first crocus (vorblóm) of the year.

But my most memorable moment in Skagafjörður is that I met my husband and gave birth to my children here.

Skagafjördur in 3 words ?


„Portraits of Skagafjörður“ aim at presenting you the best of our region,
by the ones in the best position to talk about it: locals! Every month, we
interview someone from Skagafjörður about his/her passion for the region.

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