Portraits of Skagafjörður #8 – Magnús Freyr

Working as an architect at The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland, Magnús Freyr has launched along with his wife, „Gagn“, a furniture range intended to be both stylish and convenient.

Magnús in his workshop, home of creativity!

In which area of Skagafjördur do you live?

I live in Sauðárkrókur.

What are you doing for a living ?

I am an architect at The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland. We administrate the preservation of cultural heritage in its natural environment. I give people advice on how they can restore houses, which are protected by law, in the right manner. My wife and I also run a small business where we design and craft products for the home. The company is called gagn, which is the ending of húsgagn or furniture in english. Gagn also refers to an useful object, that’s our aim, simple and useful objects.

How do you spend your free time in Wintertime and Summertime, and which season do you prefer?

Most of my spare time is spent in the workshop, both winter and summer 🙂 When not in the shop, I like to spend my time by the sea, either the beach or at the docks, fishing with my children. We mostly do that in the summer. I also like Skagaheiði, where my family has a farm. It‘s a rough and beautiful place with great views to the islands. I also love the winters in Skagafjörður, cold and still days in the wintertime are just beautiful.

What makes Skagafjördur so unique for you ?

The calmness of the area and friendliness of the people make Skagafjörður a unique place.

What is your most memorable moment here?

Walking in the icecold winternight as a teenager, almost able to touch the northern lights. In later years I find summer nights like at Drangey Festival to be very memorable.

Skagafjördur in 3 words ?


„Portraits of Skagafjörður“ aim at presenting you the best of our region,
by the ones in the best position to talk about it: locals! Every month, we
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