Black sand beach ride in a stunning landscape

This ride takes us through moors on a very quite country side road. We ride on the coast by the beach if it’s high tide. More often we ride on a black sand beach on a beautiful reef between the Arctic ocean and a fresh water lake bordering our farm.  This tour is ideal both for beginners and experienced people, it is a fantastic choice for a horse ride.

We start with a little introduction to riding the Icelandic horse, a simple lesson depending on our visitor’s experience.  So if you are beginners you´ll learn a bit about how to ride. That is helpful and fun for everybody. So, the whole visit here can easily take 30-90 minutes more than the tour itself,  so you have to expect to spend a bit more time here than the time for the ride itself. Duration of the ride is approx. 2 hours.

The timing is the show-up time, please try to be rather sharp on time.  If you arrive a lot earlier you just have to wait while we’re finishing saddling up the horses.  We also start preparing the horses a bit before you come and it’s not fun for them to wait for a long time if you’re late. So it’s good if you’re sharp on time 🙂

As we have to take care not to disturb the abundant bird life in that area, we can not ride on the beach between April 20th and June 20th.

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