We have fishing rods and all the equipment on board so we love to give you a taste of Icelandic sea angling when taking you on a tour.
But if you want to go on a proper fishing trip, you have the opportunity to rent our boat (Captain is included). You can rent the boat from 1 hour to as many as you wish. You set off from Hofsos, and head out to the scenic Skagafjördur where you can start fishing. On the way, we pass beautiful basalt formations, sometimes making nice encounters with puffins and whales!

The tour is suitable for all ages and the fishing grounds here are among Iceland’s richest. Cods are the most common catch, but there are also haddocks, catfish, and whitings in the water so we are looking forward to know what you get!
If this is your first time sea angling, our crew will be very happy to show you the ropes and pass on their knowledge of the seas.
The boat can take up to 19 persons, 2-6 of which can be fishing at the same time depending on the weather.
Time to take your family or group of friends and catch your meal from the ocean!


1H = 19.500 isk for the whole boat

1H30 = 29.000 isk

2H = 37.000 isk


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