A fun and easy walk with a local guide in the village of Varmahlíð

Varmahlíð is a small village on road number 1 and a popular resting place. The village has a long history of serving travelers, with the local hotel dating back to 1931. The area has an abundant of geothermal water and during the second world war the village was occupied by the British Army so the village has many stories to tell.

Great location

Varmahlíð lies in the heart of Skagafjörður, central point to a region with a reputation for horse-riding, singing and enjoying life.
The village is home to the culture house Miðgarður (Central Park) where various events take place every year. The culture house is the practice venue for Heimir Men´s Choir, one of Iceland´s best known men´s choir.
In this walking tour you will join a local guide and explore this little village. At the end of the tour we walk into the forest growth where we will enjoy some light refreshments.

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P.s. Varmahlíð village is an excellent starting point for our Northern Lights Tours

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